Frequently Asked Questions

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Standard – specifies what the University expects to be in place for Health and safety training and competencies. Each bulletpoint is a ‘must happen’ and everyone needs to play their part in ensuring these requirements are met. Heads of School/ Service will set up systems and appoint staff into specific roles to make sure they happen; everyone else needs to carry out tasks and instructions to fulfil them.

Head of School/Service Guidance – provides one way of implementing a system that will achieve the requirements of the Standard.  The HoSS (with your Health and Safety Manager) will decide if this (or another system) suits the needs of each school/ service most effectively.  So long as the Standard is achieved there is usually flexibility in the way that it can be achieved. However there are occasions where a more prescriptive approach is required and these are detailed in the Standard in the form of a Procedure or Tables; as they are listed in the Standard, they are also a ‘must happen’.  For this protocol,  the items in the University central training matrix must be included in an area’s own Local Training Matrix, and if an external training provider is to be used, the External training provider approval form must be submitted and approved before the provider is booked.

Example health and safety competency logs – 

  • Sometimes the health and safety competency of staff is assessed as part of a formal training course  (e.g. in first aid – where the trainer/ examiner determine health and safety competency at the end of the course). However  sometimes line managers will need to identify and check that your staff have achieved the health and safety competencies they need for specific topics, e.g. Inspections, risk assessments. These logs provide examples of one simple and consistent approach for how you could achieve this.
  • ISS summary sheet: how to record health and safety induction in SAP TEM – guidance on how to record health and safety induction in SAP TEM.
  • Example Local training matrix – 4 possible styles for a Local training matrix which could be used as the template for deciding  the health and safety competency that may be required locally.. To decide which would best suit your needs, and see how best to use it, speak to your Health and Safety Manager.

University central training matrix - In order to support people and ensure that they are provided with the key training and health and safety competency to fulfils their roles, this Standard links to a University Central Training Matrix. This identifies the minimum training  / level of competency required for common roles across the University and all the items it lists must be included in each area’s Local training matrix.

External training provider approval form – University-approved form which must be used and submitted to the Health and Safety Manager or Wellbeing Safety and Health Training Manager for approval before an external training provider is booked.

Head of School/ Service – discuss the protocol (particularly the Standard, HoSS Guidance, University central training matrix and Local training matrix examples) with your Health and Safety Manager and/ or Wellbeing Safety and Health Training Manager to make sure you have a system in place.

All other staff - make yourself aware of the arrangements / instructions/ processes that have been put in place in your school / service, and attend training as required  - ask your Health and Safety Manager or Coordinator, if you need more information or support.