Frequently Asked Questions

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No you can get help for personal or work-related difficulties or a combination.
No, the service is confidential, it is up to you whether you tell them or not (see confidentiality statement).
As a university service, attendance is generally supported. However, specific arrangements and manager approval may apply for some staff. 

If you think work is affecting or may be affecting your psychological health, you should seek support and consider you options.

These include:  

  • Contact the Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service and ask for a Consultation 
  • Consider raising the matter with your Line Manager or Human Resources Manager or the Occupational Health Service. You can approach one of the Safety Team in your area if it is within the realms of safety. Alternatively, you can consider discussing the matter with your Union. If you have any symptoms you are concerned about you must consult your General Practitioner.

For some the impact of health upon the capacity to work is temporary and for others, unfortunately, permanent.
Guidance and support is provided by the Occupational Health Service but you may prefer a private consultation with the Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service before seeking other options.
A consultation is a chance to take time out and take stock of what is troubling you. You can explore the difficulty or challenges you face and the situation you are in with a staff counsellor. The appointment will usually last for 50 minutes and they will offer some immediate insights and coping strategies, as appropriate, and suggest possible ways forward using the most relevant approaches for you.